Abstract art has always been a fascination for me and until the beginning of 2018 posed too many inhibitions and supposed challenges for me to actually create my own work.

As my circumstances changed I was able to “brush” off these obstacles and the rest of the website shows how my work started, developed for good or bad and hopefully demonstrates how everyone has it in them to be creative in all manner of ways.

I enjoy the creative process thoroughly and if my work gives visual pleasure to viewers then that’s a real bonus as  would selling work which would provide recognition that it has a value in other people’s eyes.


Exhibit at Banks Mill Open Studios November 2018

  This was my first experience of an open art exhibition over three days at Banks Mill in in Derby. I displayed my full range of work – abstract, Canart, LED light sculptures and gift items. It was a real learning experience in a great atmosphere. My advice to any artist doing their first exhibition…

Airarts 2018 panel 1 101018

First exhibition at Airarts, Royal Derby Hospital

In October 2018 I was thrilled to be able to act both as a volunteer and exhibitor at the latest Airarts exhibition and programme at Royal Derby Hospital. Having received excellent care during a hospital stay in early 2018 I felt that I needed to show my gratitude by becoming a volunteer for the arts…