Black Hole

April 2019

H 60 x W 40 cm

Emulsion paint on board

This was the third version of a work that was originally part of a larger piece with “Black Hole Quest”.

I was not happy with two previous works on this board and over-painted them and on the final occasion also with the application of gesso which gives the work a “raised” effect.

The final version of the painting was also split as the top and bottom halves seemed to “compete” in particular in colour terms.

I think the two pieces work better as separate entities and represents the 4th iteration from when the creative process began on this board.

Self satisfaction score: 7/10. I like the movement, colour combinations and the fact that the final version is the product of several previous attempts.

Lessons learnt: with perseverance and imagination a previously rejected piece of work can be rescued and transformed.