Bungee 1

Title: Bungee 1

Date: August 2018

Media: acrylic and emulsion on canvas board.

Colours: Mix of everything!

Price: £30 (sold)

Description: this was an experiment in using  an impact technique to transfer paint to the surface. The aim was to produce a medley of shapes and colours without too much control. In order to gain sufficient force and a random application of paint I decided to use an elastic luggage tie (or bungee, hence title!) stretched across the canvas, lifted for paint application, then released onto   the canvas surface. This was repeated using different colours, different areas of the bungee cable, varying forces and angles. Vertical drops produced very thin lines whilst angled ones spread the paint sideways.

Self satisfaction score: this piece proved that the technique works and produces results that would be difficult to produce using traditional methods. However the colour selection and combinations do not work for me, hence the low score.

Top tip: As with Heavenly Poly Theme be prepared to use a completely new way of transferring paint to canvas. It can be fun as well as productive!