Earthscape 2

Size: H 41 cm x W 61 cm

Media: emulsion on canvas board



Building on the potential of Earthscape 1 this was a more planned attempt at a work conveying a space view of a landscape – earth and water in various forms semi-abstracted and with a “fantasy” or “mystical” element.

Canvas board was chosen as a more permanent medium and patterns created to create more flow and continuity.  Compared with Earthscape 2 fewer colours were used and those selected were more complementary.

The result is intriguing in many respects not least the sense of pathways without obvious end and landmass inundated with water (sea and inland). Could the work be imagined as a backdrop to a fantasy or sc-fi story?

Self satisfaction score: 7/10 This works better than Earthscape 1 with a flow, a better colour combination and potential narrative. I believe the form has potential application in a number of areas.