May 2019

H 60 x W 80

Spray paint on board

This piece could also be classed as experimental due to the combination of spray paint and four levels of chicken wire used as a template and background design pattern.

The idea for the background was to create an irregular pattern of squares which could be both retained as a whole and partially or fully resprayed over.

With the circular symbols the effect is a striking contrast between the bold colour combinations  and the more subtle squared effect fringes of the work.

However I am unsure about the glossy finish of the spray paint coupled with the standard glass used in the frame (maybe non-reflective would be better) nor the silver frame used.

Self satisfaction score: 7/10 the process worked well with the spray paint and templates but the score is tempered by the above reservations.

Lessons learnt: the final effect of much of this piece was not completely under my control due to the nature of spray paint application.   However this element of unpredictability adds to the creative process and provides more satisfaction of the result is better than expected.