Space in a Tin Can

June 2019


Spray paint on acrylic paper

Price: Sold



Another work that started life as a by product of another process, in this case as the backing for spraying metal washers for a “peace pole” in the local village.

The patterns created on the paper were attractive so it was a case of building on these using various “blanking” templates such as cardboard tubes.

The space theme developed quickly as the circular patterns developed and I used a new technique of spray painting horizontally across the surface to create a more muted appearance for the background. In addition the use of paper as the receiving medium gave a more matt-like look.

Although starting life somewhat unintentionally the outcome was striking and quite beautiful so great satisfaction was derived.      Because of the nature of the creative process and as one of my favourite works to date a high personal satisfaction score of 7/10. The title is a play on the theme of Bowie’s Space Oddity (I blame sad bloke syndrome!).