Solo Exhibition, month of July, Banksmill Studios, Derby

Into Abstract Art: combining Shape, Colour and Texture. Michael Hill 2018 – 2021
Banksmill Studios, Bridge Street, Derby, DE1 3LB,, 01332 594170,
Saturday 3rd July to Friday 30th July, daily 11 00 to 3 00.
The exhibition reflects my work from when I started as an artist in January 2018. The art exhibited is a chronological progression in style, theme and process used.
The early work is largely structured with an element of pre-planning whereas later and current work is more spontaneous and organic in form.
Themes are many and diverse, e.g. health and wellbeing, climate change and reconnecting with the natural world.
Having had a lifelong interest in abstract art but with no formal training the creative process did not start until my latter years prompted by a period of illness.
My art has therefore become a form of therapy and the lack of experience has resulted in an eclectic mix of styles and creative processes. However I see this as a positive giving me a freedom and lack of inhibition that otherwise may not have been the case.
There is a “Which Way Up” competition. Guests can view a painting and give there opinion as to which way it should be hung. Participants can put there answer in a draw for a specified work of art on display.
The exhibition runs daily throughout July, 11 00 to 15 00. One hour “Meet the Artist” and viewings are available. Please see separate event for last two weeks details and registration (visits subject to COVID rules at the time).

Relocation of NHS exhibition and charitable funds raised

The NHS Airarts exhibition at Royal Derby Hospital has come to an end but several of my paintings have been transferred to London Road Community Hospital also in Derby.

Also many thanks to everyone who made comments on the exhibition and purchased my paintings. An amount of £250 has been donated to Derby and Burton NHS Charity Trust and to date £100 has also been donated to Parkinson’s UK from sales of other work – fund raising continues for Parkinson’s Disease from sales of art on this website and the recently opened virtual gallery.

Launch of new Virtual Gallery

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new virtual art gallery. This is an ongoing project and has been named “Brick Wall Virtual Gallery” to emphasise that although the art is online it is very much based on tangible and physical original artwork.

The theme of the first exhibition is “Lockdown: Open up – abstract art in the Pandemic” and is a representation of work produced during the first nine months of 2020.

Please follow the link below and click on the round symbol to start navigation around the gallery – you can use a mouse or arrow keys. You can also zoom close up to each work and get information through the round I icon.

Although seemingly a downbeat subject it hopefully provides an interesting insight of how art reflects current times and emotions. It is not all doom and gloom with elements of optimism and hope in the latter stages of the exhibition!

Half of all sales proceeds will be donated to Parkinson’s charities so thank you for your interest and support.

Please get in touch via the Contact page on this website if you are interested in any of the art.


New affordable art section – 3Art

A new section, titled 3Art, to make original art and limited edition prints accessible and affordable.

All works are priced below £40, original, signed and mounted. Prints are from original art, signed, limited editions and mounted.  Postage extra.

Although art in this section has been set at a low price level there is no compromise on artistic integrity and standards and we believe this makes the works apt for today’s world.




Artists for the NHS charity auction

Please visit to see the artwork “Sentient” I have donated to Artists for the NHS, I hope you can help us raise funds for our NHS heroes and heroines.


Virtual Solo Exhibition at Green Door Printmaking Studios – 2nd fundraising sale for NHS

The second virtual exhibition of the year is now up and running a Green Door Printmaking Studios, Banksmill, Derby.

The exhibition title “Experiments in Abstraction” reflects the process of taking original artwork, manipulating it digitally for colour, tone, size and orientation then using traditional printmaking techniques to produce limited edition prints.


There is also a “live” artwork in creation at the Easel showing how a piece develops from a blank canvas to completion.

Half of the proceeds (after gallery commission) will be donated to Derby and Burton NHS Charity.

To access the virtual exhibition go to:     Click on an image to see the artwork details and price.

Artwork can be purchased from the Green Door Shop –

The exhibition runs until 23 May.



Art for sale to raise funds for the NHS

NHS Charities Art Sale 

Donations via Facebook

Michael Hill Abstract Art at Royal Derby Hospital AirArts “Wellbeing in the Workplace” Exhibition (located by the Intensive Care Unit)

All proceeds of sale from this exhibition will be donated to Derby and Burton NHS Charity

Abstract Originals

Prices are for art mounted and framed and unframed large canvas


Embryonic – original, marker pen and acrylic on canvas H100 W150 cm SOLD

Tranquility – original, acrylic and emulsion on canvas H100 W150 cm    SOLD

Tangle – original, acrylic and emulsion on canvas board H51  W41 cm   £50.00

After Aboriginal Art – original, emulsion, pen on canvas board  H41 W51 cm £50.00

Cumulated – original, emulsion, acrylic, spray paint on paper, H 41 W 51 cm £50.00

Circles of the Mind – original, acrylic on board H 60 W 40 cm £50.00

Mandala – original, emulsion, acrylic and spray paint on paper, H 41 W 51 cm £50.00

Abstract Prints, signed limited editions 

Prices are for art mounted and framed (description relates to original work)


Crux – acrylic and emulsion on canvas board – H 60 W 40 cm SOLD

Craves  – inkcrayon on paper – H 41 W 51 cm     £50.00

Cavernous Mind 2 – acrylic and emulsion on canvas – H 28 W 31 cm     £50.00

Mindfulness – acrylic on board – H 25 W 25 cm       £40.00

Please contact Michael for more information or to purchase any of the above works. Art purchased will be available for collection in Rolleston or delivered to you after the exhibition closes in October 2020. 

Tel. 07970799241

Forthcoming exhibitions


14 April 2020: Inevitably my exhibition programme has been affected by the Coronavirus situation. Fortunately the exhibition at Royal Derby Hospital, adjacent to the Intensive Car Unit,  was installed just before the lockdown.

I am producing virtual galleries for those exhibitions which have been cancelled – Banksmill Studios and Green Door Printmaking Studio Solos. Details below.

Royal Derby Hospital AirArts – showing now to October at the Intensive Care Unit and online at  

Green Door Printmaking Solo Exhibition “Experiments in Abstraction” – April/May, Banks Mill, Derby – now online at

Banks Mill Derby Solo Exhibition “Into Abstract: Squares, Circles and Curves, 2018 – 2019”, April/May – postponed, to be replaced with a virtual exhibition, details to follow.

Derby Print  Open – from June – now online.

Rolleston on Dove Old Grammar School Room “Slowing Down Art Exhibition and Sale”, Saturday 23 May. Proceeds to Parkinson’s Disease Charities – pending and subject to lockdown restrictions.



Second Exhibition at Royal Derby Hospital AirArts

Exhibiting for the second time at Royal Derby Hospital (RDH) AirArts Exhibition. which launches on Thursday 12th March – see invite.

The theme of the exhibition is “Wellbeing in the Workplace” with artwork from NHS staff. As a volunteer at RDH I will be showing 13 abstract art works under the title “Mindfulness” an example being “Embryonic”, 2019, acrylic and emulsion on canvas, H 100 x W 150 cm.

I believe these exhibitions show how art both in creation and appreciation is a another therapy to promote health and wellbeing.




Green Door Printmaking Studio Corridor Exhibition

Green Door Printmaking Studio based at Banks Mill, Derby are showing prints by their members until early in the new year. I have five works on display – see link below:

Banks Mill Derby Open Studios

Seven pieces of art were on show at Banks Mill, Derby Open Studios  in November. Cavernous Mind 4 is shown here and several works will remain on exhibit and for sale until early in 2020.



“The Shimmering” most popular print at IPE 2019

“The Shimmering” has proved to be the most popular print viewed online at the International Print Exchange which featured work from 286 artists from 25 countries.