Tongue in Cheek canart

Date: July 2018

Size: 46 x 36 cm

Media: metal on stretched canvas.

Colours: random colours determined by the cans available at the time.

Description: the aim was to build on the Seaward work to further prove the concept. The limited availability of metal from cans somewhat limited the choice of shape and colour used. I began to think of this as “reverse” art for want of a better description, i.e. it limits your choice so you have to work within the constraints of the materials at your disposal.  This forces on you a certain discipline making you think deeper on how to use the material to best advantage. Therefore you don not start the work with the finished product in mind but just let it happen naturally. Although the work is quite basic I was pleased with the concept although it does have the merit of being quite clean and open.  Viewers of the work interpret the shapes in different ways – I see a face in the middle portion hence the title.

Self satisfaction score: 6/10 pleasing on the eye though not technically great. Viewers seem to like the combinationof shapes and colours.

Top tip: limited supplies of the raw material can be an advantage – it makes you more inventive, provides discipline and removes anxiety of having too much choice.