Bungee 2

Date: September 2018

Size: H41 W51 cm

Media: acrylic and emulsion on canvas board.

Colours: complete spectrum but emphasis on blue, yellow and red in varying shades, tones and texture.

Price: original SOLD; limited edition prints £40

Description: building on the work on Bungee 1 this was a further experiment in using an elastic luggage tie to transfer paint to the surface of the work via a sudden impact. This time it was complimented by the use of a sponge board rubber to dab paint on the surface to produce a stippled/hatch type effect. The result is a combination of lines from the bungee top left, bottom right and down the right-hand side with the stipple process used on the remainder of the work.

The colours were chosen both at random and with a purpose as the work developed. The colours top left were the result of a mistake dabbing too much paint in that area resulting in having to repaint that part of the work with white emulsion and starting again. The outcome in his case is therefore more by luck than design.

Self satisfaction score: 8/10 I was really pleased that the two techniques worked well, producing a textured effect on the canvas and vibrant colours that complement each other well. This is a technique I will definitely use again possibly on a larger scale; one of my favourite works to date!

Top tip: Don’t despair if you make what you think is a major mistake. The area top left was seriously “messed up” by an over application of paint. By starting again in this area and repeating the process the outcome is probably better than what was originally intended and no viewer to date has commented on this section not looking right.

Shown at Royal Derby Hospital AirArts exhibition and Suki Gallery, Tutbury.