Earthscape 1

Media: emulsion on A2 acrylic paper

Size: A2


This work resulted from another experimental technique to use a stencil pattern to populate the media with small squares to be filled in with different colours in different patterns.

The “stencil” utilised was a leaking hot water bottle destined for the bin but which caught my eye with the square/diamond pattern on one side. It was relatively easy to apply black paint to the rubber surface and to press this onto the paper.

Having created this template the individual squares were coloured on a random basis. The area outside the black square template were coloured as a solid blue and this started to form the eventual image of a vertical view of a landscape, hence the title “Earthscape 1”.

The result has a map-like quality with hints of an aerial photograph.

Self satisfaction score: 6/10 An interesting use of another type of template. There are possibly too many colours used for the squares detracting from any flow within the picture. But a technique worth pursuing further.