Matrix 1: Plum purple, lilac, crimson

Date: December 2018

Size: H 120 W90 cm

Media: acrylic and emulsion on canvas

Price: £95

Description: a development of the Push Button work moving to a larger scale; i.e. bigger squares and larger canvas.

The idea was to use the same process as Push Button utilising a larger wire netting matrix to paint through. After a few trials the use of an L-shaped shadow effect was not used as it did not seem to have the same effect as with the smaller square matrix.

Unlike Push Button the design of the work was completed on a spreadsheet as this allowed for experiments with different colour combinations, positioning and shapes.

Once the design has been established the production is quite rapid and to a degree intentionally so to give a feel of spontaneity as opposed to a pre-planned execution of the work.

I believe this type of work is ideal as “wall art” in residential homes and in corporate environments due to the scale and the impact of the colour combinations. Commissioned work can be undertaken with designs to suit the environment, scale and colour scheme required.

Self-satisfaction score: 8/10 I really like the scale and colour impact of this work and although the squares seem of a random nature there was a pattern established beforehand and after several iterations. A good first attempt at wall art with lots of potential.