Date: October 2018


Size: 38 H 50 W cm

Media: acrylic and emulsion on canvas board

Price: £45


A move away from the more angular, regular and mechanical work of recent months to a free flowing theme completed with a great deal of spontaneity. A rough draft previously produced in a sketchbook formed the basis of the work.

The aim was to use a black marker pen to draw the outline and flow of the work in a single execution so committing to whatever was the result. For the purple and blue areas the aim was to create a distinctive flow with the paint.

There was no underlying message for the work although upon completion the picture was given the title “Ria” (a geographical term) as the blue areas reminded me of a valley inundated by sea level rise after glaciation with a very narrow outlet to the sea.

Self satisfaction score: 6/10 As a departure from recent work and a throwback to the style of  PD1 the outcome was quite successful considering that it was produced in rapid time. I like the flowing brushstrokes effect which got better as the work developed and perhaps the unusual choice of purple which for me does work. My reservation is that the style is a bit “cliched” with an obvious influence! But how do you do work like this without echoes of past masters?

Top tip: the free flowing brush strokes worked well and were a pleasure to perform. I also found that by relaxing and just going with the “flow” literally produced the best results.

Currently not for sales