April 2019

Size H 1.0 W 1.5 metre

Media: emulsion paint on stretched canvas

Price: £125


A rough sketch was made before committing to canvas. In spite of this there was a high degree of spontaneity in the work.

The theme is influenced by previous work, PD1, giving it a biological or medical feel (e.g. cell, bacterial, brain imagery).

There is a “risk” element in creation in that you only get one chance to apply the black outlines which divide the sections of the work. When this has been done the rest of the picture flows quickly and instinctively. Hopefully this comes through in the final work with the colour combinations and movement.

Self satisfaction score: 8/10 although the final result is a little crude in places this reflects the speed of execution and therefore excitement. The colour combinations used may not have been obvious choices but they work well in the dynamics and movement that was hoped for in the work. On that basis the personal satisfaction level is high with the added factor of the physical size.