Blood Moon

Date: August 2018

Size: 56 x 41 cm

Media: metal on hardboard.

Colours; various on white satin emulsion.


Description: this was my 4th work of Canart and unlike previous pieces there was a vision of what was to be achieved rather than letting the work process flow organically and spontaneously. In contrast to “Sphinx” the aim was to use more circular and curved pieces. The title was due to the work coinciding with the blood moon event abstracted to exaggerate the moon and the accompanying sky scene.

The production of curved metal pieces proved to be quite difficult and the quality of the curved pieces was not of he same standard as the more angular pieces used in previous work.

Self assessment score: 6/10 the result is pleasing but does not have the same vibrancy as Sphinx. Also the technical aspects, i.e. curved pieces, were difficult resulting in a lower standard than that achieved on Sphinx.

Top tip: Don’t be too ambitious if following on from a previous work that was successful. The curved nature of the pieces proved difficult so it may have been better to continue with the same style as previous work.