Date: July 2018

Size: H 40 x W 30 cm


Media: metal on painted hardboard.

Colours: random colours based on what cans were available at the time the work was created.

Description: building on the pilot work of “seaweed” and “tongue in Cheek” this was an attempt to produce a larger scale and more “sophisticated” work using the same techniques  I had no clear vision or subject in mind and relied on the raw material available to guide me on content and style. I began with the top right area and developed the work in a clockwise direction. As I proceeded a theme began to develop along egyptology. Hence the “sphinx” cat-like gold section, the square section bottom right with some can lettering positioned sideways on a sort of hieroglyphic form. The orange section bottom left was developed to hint of pyramids with the remainder showing trees in the background, the sky and a sunburst. Having said all this very few viewers see the theme and put forward their own interpretation!

Self satisfaction score: 8/10 this is one of my favourite works to date because of its vibrancy, colour combinations, “mystery” and complexity. On the downside I have reservations about the orange circles and sideways lettering although viewers of the work have made positive comments about these aspects.

Top tip: don’t worry if you don’t have a vision of what you want to achieve. Sometimes you can let the work develop organically and often you are surprised with how it develops and the result.

On show at the School House Gallery, Wighton, Norfolk: