Connected experimental metal artwork using angle brackets

This was one of those happy instances when you create something almost by accident.

Working on some raised beds in the garden I had a number of metal angle brackets. On picking them up they were already  grouped into a sort of v-shape which was visually interesting.

I therefore played around with the possible formations and quickly came up with a structure of v-shapes surrounded by a border made up of four brackets.

My friend, Jackie who does all my photographs and print making, had given me a small box frame which was the exact size to fit the work, I then finished the structure by adding a front border made up of staples.

Finally I coloured the upper showing edges with felt marker pens  which gave it a translucent quality complementing the metal structure.

The work is heavy for it’s size giving it an air of substance.

I feel that this method and material offers much potential and possibly on a larger scale with a mix of metal raw materials.